Our Difference


When O'Meara Financial Group, Inc. was founded in 2001, our focus was to offer professional financial advice and consulting. That’s why we chose to work with LPL Financial as our Registered Investment Advisor and Broker Dealer. LPL offers all of the resources of a big firm without an agenda or proprietary products. This allows us to sit on the same side of the table as our clients.

Wealth Management Process

The number and diversity of investment choices available today are simply staggering. The days of simply buying and holding a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds are gone. Now there are dozens of asset classes and strategies to choose from that may help to protect your investment portfolio against today’s extreme market volatility.

O’Meara Financial Group's discretionary asset management account allows us to proactively manage your account as investment advisor representatives through LPL Financial. Our 4 Step Investment Management Process is comprised of the following:

  1. Create a custom allocation for you based on your financial goals, needs, and risk tolerance. This allocation allows us to invest and focus on asset and sector classes that are strong in the current market environment.
  2. Review all available investment options and market data to determine the best weighting within each asset class to build an All Star line up of investments for your portfolio.
  3. Manage and monitor the portfolio to make sure we have investments that are suitable and asset classes that are strong in the current market environment.
  4. Proactively manage the portfolio to minimize downside risk by using multiple quantitative tools to optimize decision-making.


We utilize a comprehensive program that tracks all of your finances up until and into retirement. Not only does this system track your finances, it can also track your life. Paper and legal documents can be stored digitally in a safe, secure electronic vault. Everything you need is just a mouse click away.