Trusts, Institutions and Foundations

Objective Advice with a Fiduciary Focus

Objective Advice with a Fiduciary Focus

At O'Meara Financial Group, we understand that every organization has unique financial needs. Our role is to help you make smart, well-informed financial decisions about managing your trust, corporate and foundation assets.

Our established relationships with the country's largest investment management firms enable us to offer you a wide range of investment options.

The financial services we provide include:

  • Goal Setting: Assist in setting and reviewing goals for the organization's assets. 
  • Fiduciary Oversight: Establish and maintain the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). Once the IPS is in place, investment monitoring and comprehensive reviews are provided quarterly. 
  • Quarterly Fiduciary Reviews and Meetings: Each quarter you will receive a formal report from us for the trust with our recommendations.  In addition, we meet with each client semi-annually.
  • Legislative Updates: Communicate updates from the Department of Labor and IRS that affect the account. 
  • Benchmark Services: Review the financial plan set up and fees to ensure they are competitive and in line with plans of similar size. 
  • Administrative Support: Coordinate with all financial consultants regarding the account. 

O'Meara Financial Group, is an independent wealth management and financial firm with no proprietary investment products to promote. We educate clients about their financial alternatives and assist them in the implementation of the appropriate financial strategies.